Typical Costs

The fees applied cover a portion of the cost of providing genealogical research.

Family History Reports typically costs between €150.00 and €600.00. Amounts vary depending on the number of records uncovered and the length of time required to do the research. The cost of producing a Full Family History Report can only be assessed after a preliminary examination has been concluded. Customers are advised of the costs prior to the commencement of work and the research fees are payable at time of commissioning research.


Type of Research Euro
Preliminary Assessment €85.00
Single Record Search €25.00
Hourly Research €75.00
General Query €35.00
Consultation fee for Personal Callers €30.00


If in doubt please contact us.

These fees are a guideline only and may be subject to change.

Note that records and reports are provided in good faith and for private family research only and are not to be relied on for any professional or legal purpose. Use of the information provided for any other purpose may be subject to copyright and may require permission from the custodians of the original records.

Our genealogy database is not open to public access (except through the online service).