Thank You

Thank you for completing the Research Request Form. Research fees are payable at time of commissioning research and before any work can begin.

Please complete the payment by carefully selecting the Type of Research Requested from the PayPal dropdown below and then click the Pay Now button. This will take you through to PayPal to either complete payment by using your PayPal account or your Visa Debit or Credit Card.  Please note that no research will be carried out on questionnaires unless they are accompanied by the relevant payment.

Typical Costs

Type of Research Euro
Preliminary Assessment €85.00
Record Search €25.00
Hourly Research €60.00
General Query €35.00
Consultation €30.00

Consultations with the Researcher are by appointment only. Please Contact Us to arrange a suitable time and location.

Family History Reports are recommended only after a Preliminary Assessment has taken place. Please Contact Us for more information.


Please complete the payment through PayPal by selecting the Type of Research you would like and clicking on the Pay Now button.

Type of Research

Personal Cheque (Bank Draft for Australia)

Personal cheques and Bank Drafts should be payable to Donegal Ancestry CLG
If in doubt, please Contact Us at Donegal Ancestry Ltd.